Props to my 6 year old self for calling out bullshit at an early age.

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Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon ORAS.

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another giveaway no way


  • mbf crybaybe and shotaphobics (now kotuccurrent blog (check for url changes and follow recent)
  • reblog/like as much as you want
  • youll need to be willing to give out personal information (address, full name, etc)
  • ask box must be open


  • one 3ds or 3ds xl of your choice up to $200 (w/o shipping)
  • any video game(s) of your choice (that amount) up to $70 w shipping (doesnt have to be 3ds, we just put things that matched tbh)
  • a 3ds pull and go folio in any color 

this will end on october 1st 2014,  and if you want a game that isnt out well pre-order it for you!! good luck

only four days left!

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Part 7 - That’s all for now out of at least 105. :( … When are the Wii U version and Amiibos coming out??

Part 6 - If you make 8 Mii fighters, you get a top hat.

Edit: When you unlock the second page of challenges…

Part 5 - I am missing stuff in between but wanted to share the picts that were unlocked.

Part 4 - Warning: There is a really hard mode: You vs. The Miis at the highest level.

Part 3 - When you unlock new accomplishments, you get trophies, music, mii outfits/hats, customization moves, 7 stages (i think…) and stat boosters.

Part 2 - What captions would you put under the pics?